Print Your Own Valentines

Clubhouse has teamed up with Adventures in Odyssey and Thriving Family magazine to bring you these fun valentines featuring your favorite characters. You can choose Average Boy, Odyssey... or both!

1. Click one of the images below to get started.

Average Boy Valentines   Adventures in Odyssey Valentines -- 2015

Average Boy valentines (8 cards)


Adventures in Odyssey valentines (12 cards)

2. Print out your valentines (in color, please).
3. Cut out each card along the dotted lines.
4. Fold the valentine in half and secure with glue or tape.
5. Sign the back of the card and give it to a friend or classmate on Valentine's Day!

Click here to read a free Average Boy story.

To learn more about Adventures in Odyssey, go to or check out the Odyssey Adventure Club.

Copyright © 2015 by Bob Smiley. Used by permission. Average Boy Illustrations © David Harrington. Adventures in Odyssey Illustrations © Gary Locke.