Solution to 25 Years, 25 Kids

How many character names did you recognize?

I By My Clam Jar—Jimmy Barclay
Prove Aria Ilk—Olivia Parker
Yak Gym Card—Grady McKay
Jabs Corn Boy—Robyn Jacobs
Curb Evil OK—Buck Oliver
Must Grab Any Dress—Mandy Straussberg
Oh Not Berry Dane—Rodney Rathbone
Join My Eels—Emily Jones
Foxes Flan Jeer—Alex Jefferson
Zing Clutch A Sunny Mulch—Lucy Cunningham-Schultz
Non News Salons—Nelson Swanson
I Was Not A Math King—Tamika Washington
Vents Truces—Curt Stevens
Inept As Prior Cells—Priscilla Peterson
The Wired Jade—Jared DeWhite
Lady Bacon Ran—Donna Barclay
Joy Amuses—Jay Smouse
He Parades Ruby—Aubrey Shephard
Chewed Real Song—Lawrence Hodges
Hilt Nor Oz—Liz Horton
Water Kept Harm—Matthew Parker
A Rare Click—Erica Clark
Jester Rob Tan—Barrett Jones
Non Berry Jets—Jenny Roberts
I Giggle Wild Word—Digger Digwillow

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