25 Years, 25 Kids

Did this month’s puzzle leave you scrambled? Here are some clues to get you on the right track. Next to each anagram, we’ve listed one of our favorite episodes that features the Odyssey kid in question.

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I By My Clam Jar—Heroes (Album 3)
Prove Aria Ilk—Wooton Knows Best (Album 54)
Yak Gym Card—The Highest Stakes (Album 49)
Jabs Corn Boy—The Treasure of LeMonde! (Album 6)
Curb Evil OK—The Green Ring Conspiracy (Album 53)
Must Grab Any Dress—I Slap Floor (Album 34)
Oh Not Berry Dane—Family Values (Album 18)
Join My Eels—The Malted Milkball Falcon (Album 52)
Foxes Flan Jeer—Red Herring (Album 35)
Zing Clutch A Sunny Mulch—Choices (Album 4)
Non News Salons—Kidsboro
I Was Not A Math King—Odyssey Sings! (Album 45)
Vents Truces—Pranks for the Memories (Album 8)
Inept As Prior Cells—To Mend or Repair (Album 55)
The Wired Jade—The Spy Who Bugged Me (Album 30)
Lady Bacon Ran—Aloha, Oy! (Album 19)
Joy Amuses—Mistaken for Good (Album 55)
He Parades Ruby—Under the Influence (Album 38)
Chewed Real Song—Wonderworld (Album 15)
Hilt Nor Oz—Split Ends (Album 42)
Water Kept Harm—Target of the Week (Album 51)
A Rare Click—This Is Chad Pearson? (Album 16)
Jester Rob Tan—For Three Dollars More (Album 56)
Non Berry Jets—The Perfect Witness (Album 23)
I Giggle Wild Word—The Imagination Station (Album 5)

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