Matthew Parker's Decoder #2011-1

Solve a code you can't resist from the January 2001 issue of Clubhouse magazine. If you don't remember the code, here it is again:

How It Works:
First—read some resistors! Using the Resistor Color Code below, read the top two bands on each resistor to reveal a number. For instance, brown + green = 15.

Now that you have that number, use this simple code key to match the number with a letter.

Resistors are small electrical components that resist the flow of electrical current. They're used to keep a current safe and consistent inside an electrical device. Color codes are painted on resistors to help electricians choose just the right one for the job. Inside your TV set, radio, computer and car, you're sure to find resistors!

Look for another secret message next month!

Copyright © 2011 by Christopher Maselli. Used by permission. Illustration © Gary Locke.