Matthew Parker's Decoder #2013-12

Could you unwrap December’s secret code? Here it is again:

Matthew Parker's Decoder -- Dec '13

How It Works

If you look closely, the ribbon on each present matches the wrapping paper of a different present. You need to rearrange the boxes in ribbon order.

First, number the ribbons from 1 to 9.

Matthew Parker's Decoder -- Dec '13

Then match each box's wrapping paper with the appropriate ribbon number.

Matthew Parker's Decoder -- Dec '13

Rearrange the 3-letter groups in ribbon order
then split them into actual words.

Solution: Where do fake Christmas trees go?

For a faster version of this code, use solid colors for the ribbons and wrapping paper instead of complicated designs.

Once you’ve mastered the rewrapped code, crack this extra message (ignore the bows):

Matthew Parker's Decoder -- Dec '13

Click here for the solution.

Look for a new decoder in the next issue of Clubhouse magazine.

Copyright © 2013 by Focus on the Family. Illustration © Gary Locke.