Matthew Parker's Decoder #2013-2

Were you able to solve a fraction of Matthew’s secret message from the February issue? Here it is again:

Wedge Code

How It Works

In this code, the position and size of the green wedge symbolizes a particular letter. As we go from A to B to C, the wedge rotates clockwise around the circle. With each 360° rotation, the wedge doubles in size.

Here is the complete alphabet:

Wedge Code

If you want to make an even trickier version of the wedge code, use two different colors in the same message. Green wedges rotate clockwise, blue wedges rotate counterclockwise.

Wedge Code

Once you’ve mastered the basic wedge code, crack this secret message.

Wedge Code

Click here for the solution.

Look for a new decoder in the next issue of Clubhouse.

Copyright © 2013 by Focus on the Family. Illustration © Gary Locke.