Matthew Parker's Decoder #2013-7

Were you able to process the code from the July issue? Here it is again:

aS    dI    eY    fL    gL    hC
iA     jO    kL    lD     oI     pS    qJ
rS    sT    tS    uD     wA    yO

How It Works

If you want to crack this code, just look down . . . at your computer keyboard. The “qwerty” keyboard layout—named for the first 6 letters—was designed over 140 years ago, and we still use it today! Rearrange the letter pairs so that the lowercase letters are in keyboard order (left-to-right, start with the top row, ignore punctuation marks):

qJ    wA    eY    rS    tS    yO    uD    iA    oI    pS
aS    sT    dI    fL    gL    hC    jO    kL    lD

When the letter pairs are in the correct sequence, you can read the capitalized letters to reveal this month’s secret message.

Want to encrypt a message with more than 26 letters? Start the first 26 letter pairs with lowercase letters and the next 26 letter pairs with capital letters.

Once you’ve mastered the qwerty code, crack this extra message.

aA    AS    bR    cT    dE    DO    eR    EF
fD    FD    gB    GS    hY    HG    iR
II    jG    JI    kR    KF    lA    LT    mU
nO    oE    OT    pS    PI    qF    QG
rY    RA    sV    SG    tO    TI    uA    UH
vH    wO    WH    xE    yU    YT    zC

Click here for the solution.

Look for a new decoder in the next issue of Clubhouse magazine.

Copyright © 2013 by Focus on the Family. Illustration © Gary Locke.