Matthew Parker's Decoder #2014-06

Did the June code turn out to be harder than you thought? Here it is again:

Matthew Parker's Decoder -- June '14

How It Works

For each wheel, start with the line at 12:00 (or “north”). That line is the letter A. As you count clockwise, go up one letter in the alphabet for each line you cross until you hit the red line.

Matthew Parker's Decoder -- June '14

For instance, since the third spoke is red, this is the letter C. When you’ve figured out all the letters, it will reveal the secret word.


Only iron, nickel, cobalt and similar natural metals respond to a magnetic field, which is why huge electromagnets are used in junkyards to separate metal from everything else. In the same way people use windmills to harness the force of wind, electromagnets harness the force of electricity. Electromagnets are used in motors, generators, security systems, switches, spacecrafts, computer drives and many other places.

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