Matthew Parker's Decoder #2015-11

Do you have the right tools to solve November’s code? Here it is again:

Matthew's Decoder -- Nov '15

How It Works

To break this code, read the letter on the head of each screw. If the letter is on a slotted screw (—), write down the next letter in the alphabet. If the letter is on a Phillips screw (X), go back to the previous letter in the alphabet. Then put the letters together to form a word.


Screws and screwdrivers were invented in the late 1400s. The first screwdrivers worked only with slotted screws and were primarily used for securing armor and creating weapons. For centuries, the slotted screw was the most popular type.

Then in the 1930s, Henry F. Phillips created a “cruciform” slot that looked like a cross on the head of the screw. The automobile industry preferred this type of screw and it quickly became the most popular screw in the world... a title that it retains today.

Look for a new code in the next issue of Clubhouse magazine.

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