Matthew Parker's Decoder #2015-12

Did December’s snowflake code give you chills? Here it is again:

Matthew's Decoder -- Dec '15

How It Works

You’ve heard that no two snowflakes are the same, right? To break this code, look hard at each snowflake and correctly match it to the corresponding letter in the key below:

Matthew's Decoder -- Dec '15


Jesus’ birth may not have been exactly the way we envision it with our modern-day Nativity scenes. For instance, while Nativities include lots of animals, no camels, sheep or oxen are mentioned in the Bible’s account. Most Nativity scenes include a wooden manger for the baby Jesus. But wood in that part of the world was scarce. It’s more likely the feeding trough that Jesus slept in was carved out of stone. And though we imagine everything taking place in one night, as many as two years may have passed between Jesus’ birth and the visit from the wise men.

Speaking of those wise men: We don’t actually know how many there were. The Bible says there were three gifts—gold, frankincense and myrrh—but the number of wise men isn’t listed.

The good news is this: None of those details are important to the history of Jesus’ birth. What is important is that we know Jesus was born in a real time and a real place, for a real purpose—to save us from our sins. All because God loves us (John 3:16)!

Look for a new code in the next issue of Clubhouse magazine.

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