Matthew Parker's Decoder #2015-05

Is May's road sign code driving you crazy? Here it is again:

Matthew's Decoder #2015-05

How It Works

Concentrate on the numbers in each sign. If the number is greater than 26, skip it. If it's somewhere between 1 and 26, convert the number to a letter using the basic substitution code (A=1, B=2 ... Z=26).


Highways were originally built for people who traveled by foot or horse. Then in the 1920s, when more and more cars appeared, highways changed to allow use by motorized vehicles instead. In 1956, President Dwight Eisenhower signed the Federal-Aid Highway Act that created a 41,000-mile system of roads in the United States.

The longest highway in the world is Highway 1 in Australia, running 9,000 miles around the continent. China and the United States have the largest network of connected highways. Zoom, zoom!

Look for a new code in the next issue of Clubhouse magazine.

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