Matthew Parker's Decoder #2015-07

Could you figure out this creamy code? It’s actually more sticky than sweet. Here it is again:

Matthew's Decoder 2015-07

How It Works

Take the number in the top (strawberry) scoop of each ice cream cone and multiply by 7. Then take the bottom number of each cone and multiply by 3. Subtract the bottom number from the top number to get your total. Then convert the final number to a letter, using basic substitution (A=1, B=2... Z = 26).

For example, the first cone is (2 x 7) - (2 x 3) = (14) - (6) = 8, so it's an H. You'll have to solve the other cones by yourself.


In 1767, Englishman Joseph Priestley invented carbonated water by infusing water with carbon dioxide. A few years later, Swedish chemist Jöns Jacob Berzelius flavored carbonated water with juice and spices. His drinks became a big hit, and the concoction made its way across the Atlantic Ocean. By the mid-1800s, so many soda fountains had popped up around the States that they became part of the nation’s fabric. Today, the average American drinks 44 gallons of soda per year—but that’s not necessarily a good thing. Studies show that too much cola leads to sickness and obesity.

Look for a new code in the next issue of Clubhouse magazine.

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