Matthew Parker's Decoder #2017-04

Did April’s animal code ring a bell? “Hear” it is again:

Matthew's Decoder #2017-04

How It Works

Have you ever seen a dog whistle? It makes an ultrasonic noise that is too high-pitched for human ears, but dogs can still hear it.

While dogs and bats are famous for their ears, lots of animals can hear sounds that humans can’t. It all depends on frequency, the rate at which the sound wave vibrates. Picture a piano. The high notes (on the right) have a greater frequency than the low notes. As you reach the highest notes, it almost sounds like silence.

Here’s a chart that compares different animal ears (data taken from Louisiana State University’s website):

Matthew's Decoder #2017-04

To solve this code, cross out every animal with ultrasonic hearing (the ones whose limit is greater than 23 kHz). Then read the letters below the remaining animals, row by row.

Next time you need to spill a secret, tell it to your goldfish. It probably won’t hear you anyway!

Look for a new code in the next issue of Clubhouse magazine.

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