Matthew Parker's Decoder #2017-06

Did you pick the right letters in June’s fruit code? Here it is again:

Matthew's Decoder #2017-06

How It Works

Just like Mr. Jingles, some fruits do not belong up a tree:

Strawberry Plant

Strawberry photo © Cooprider

Pineapple Plant

Pineapple photo © Department of Agriculture

Grapes on Vine

Grape photo © Mira


Watermelon photo © and Kim Starr

Banana Plant

Banana photo © Ma

Yes, bananas are imposters. Despite its height, the banana plant’s “trunk” is made of leaves instead of wood. That means it’s not really a tree.

Cross out the misplaced fruits and then read the remaining letters from left to right (apple, orange, pear, lemon, cherries).

Look for a new code in the next issue of Clubhouse magazine.

Copyright © 2017 by Focus on the Family. Odyssey illustrations © Gary Locke; fruit illustrations © Thinkstock. Photos used under Creative Commons license.