Birthday Bash Crossword Solution

Seen Around Odyssey

Didn't recognize a hint? Check out these episodes featuring your favorite characters.

Odyssey Crossword -- Solution

1. Penny (A Penny Earned)
3. Katrina (The Green Ring Conspiracy, pt. 11)
5. Connie (Live at the 25!)
6. Emily (Emily the Genius)
8. Jason (The Labyrinth)
9. Whit (The Imagination Station)
10. Eugene (Eugene's Dilemma)

1. Priscilla (To Mend or Repair)
2. Matthew (Square One)
4. Olivia (An Agreeable Nanny)
7. Wooton (Three in One)

Get in the Show
© Puzzle courtesy of Joe Defries. Illustration © Gary Locke.