Birthday Bash Puzzles

Seen Around Odyssey

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Odyssey Crossword

1. Connie’s artsy roommate.
3. Kidnapped by The Green Ring.
5. “Candid Conversations” host.
6. This “genius” loves a mystery.
8. Aliases include “The Grinder.”
9. Built the Imagination Station.
10. Uses words like “colloquialism.”

1. Barrett’s “good friend.”
2. Member of The Square One Club.
4. The Parkers’ oldest daughter.
7. Draws his own comic books.


Eugene's Sudoku

Test your logic skills against Eugene Meltsner by solving this puzzle. Complete the grid so that each row, column and three-by-three box contains every digit from 1 to 9. (That means you can’t have any repeated numbers in a line or box.) Have fun!

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Eugene's Sudoku
Get in the Show
© Puzzle courtesy of Joe Defries. Illustration © Gary Locke.