On My Mind

by Torry Martin

Dear B. Log,

I've had a lot on my mind lately, so I have to get some thoughts out to make room for new ones.

Plus, it helps me 'cause I don't always realize how silly some thoughts are until I read them. Like when I wondered if bald people have dandruff. Or if mimes ever talk to themselves. It's only when I write those questions that I realize how much they were cluttering my brain.

So here are the thoughts I'm emptying for today, February 14. (Note: I'm listing them in numerical order because trying to list them alphabetically gets tricky.)

Thought No. 1) . . . Can't remember . . .

OK, Thought No. 2) . . . Uhhh . . . I'm getting nothing! I think I have "type fright." It's stage fright for writers. Or maybe it should be called "thought fright" for thinkers. I'll have to write it down later and think about it.

Thought No. 3) OK! Got one, but I've gotta type fast before I lose it: Valentine's Day is really hard for me because it makes my back ache and my feet hurt!

Now, you may wonder why a day dedicated to hearts and flowers hurts my back and feet. Well, just about every person in Odyssey got a valentine today. I know because I delivered them all. My mailbag was so heavy I had to borrow Tommy Calhoun's little red wagon to complete my mail route. (By the way, Tommy?if you're reading this?I adjusted the loose wagon wheel and can explain the chicken feathers stuck to the side, which wasn't my fault. Note: No animals were hurt in the delivery of the mail.)

But as I was saying, almost everyone got a valentine. Everyone except Miss Ulily Mae Willow. That might not surprise most people because she keeps to herself and doesn't go out much or at least not when anyone's watching. But I've seen her and . . . get this: I think she's a former spy who used to work for the CIA in Russia! A 65-year-old S-P-Y! How else can she get away with no one seeing her or knowing anything about her?

Anyway, she didn't get a valentine, so I decided to surprise her by making her a card. I wrote:

Miss Willow,

Roses are red, violets are blue. I hope your day is happy. And your top-secret job as a former spy that makes you really good at secrets and keeping away from people is happy, too.

Wooton Z. Bassett

I taped it to her door, and when I went by later — do you know what happened? The card had been replaced with a card addressed to me! It said:

Dear Wooton,

Thank you for the lovely card. You are a silly, silly man.

Miss Willow

I think it's some kind of code. I'll have to investigate. But I hope it means she wants to be my friend.

Hey, if you see people nobody notices, talk to them and wish them a Happy Valentines Day. You'll make God smile by being kind to the lonely, and you could make a new friend that way!

And no, I'm not telling you what the Z in my middle name stands for. You'll have to guess.

This article first appeared in the February 2010 issue of Focus on the Family Clubhouse magazine. Copyright © 2010 by Torry Martin. Used by permission. Illustration © Gary Locke.