Average Answers (Part 25)

Ask Average Boy a question.

Question  Hey! Have you ever traveled to a different country? I used to live in South Africa for 8½ years. Now I live on an island!


Answer  Hey Ashleigh,

Yes! I went to Chicago once for a missions trip, but I couldn’t understand the language. People kept talking about their laundry. For some reason, they really like white socks up there.

Oh wait, my dad says that Chicago’s not a different country. (I’ve never been good at geometry.) He also says that he wished I lived on a deserted island. Endless cake and ice cream?!? That sounds great!

Your friend and mine,
Average Boy

Question  I have Bible class every day, and I know everything my teacher is teaching me. I hear it over and over and over again. It doesn't really get old, it just gets boring. I would like to learn something new. What should I do?


Answer  Hey Abby,

The Bible is my favorite 66-book series! But it can be tough when you’ve read ahead and have to wait for everyone else to catch up.

Did you explain this problem to your teacher? Maybe she can give you assignments that dig deeper. Or, if you want a fresh perspective, why not check out a devotional? For instance, there’s this book of funny stories that also discusses spiritual stuff. If I were you, I’d buy a million copies of that book and give them to every kid I met.

Seriously though, don’t give up on Bible study. There are enough surprises and fresh lessons in Scripture to last a lifetime.

Your friend and mine,
Average Boy

Question  Hey, I am a HUGE fan! :D

There is this girl at my church who is deaf. I really wanted to learn sign language so I could communicate with her. It took a while, but I finally learned the sign language alphabet and motions for the basic words. But the thing is, I am too nervous to go up to her and start talking (errr, signing) to her. Is there any way to introduce myself? I feel a little bit weird to just go up to her and make the motions with my hands.

What do I do to build up my confidence?

Thanks in advance!

Answer  Hey Elyssa,

Good news! The word “Hi” is easy to sign. So next Sunday just walk around saying “Hi” to everyone and when you come to her just sign “Hi.” She will most likely sign something back, and your conversation will have officially started. You might want to master a few phrases for beginners, such as “Slower, please” or “What's the word for ...” or my favorite, “Huh?”

I actually have a friend who is deaf, so I know firsthand (well, secondhand) how much they like it when people try to talk to them by signing. So don’t be a nervous kid. Be a Super Average Kid!

Your friend and mine,
Average Boy

Question  Did you ever catch a catfish? If so, can you tell me how you caught it and what bait you used?


Answer  Hey Gideon,

Did you lose your Bible? Every time I go to a hotel, I find one with your name on it.

Believe it or not, I caught a catfish yesterday! I used my face as bait. Billy and I were swinging off a rope and into the creek. I swung out a little too far and landed in very shallow water right on a catfish! It was muddy so I couldn’t tell who was more scared, me or the fish. I bet he’ll be looking above him from now on when he’s swimming around!

Your friend and mine,
Average Boy

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