Funny Answers Pt. 5

Question Hi, Average Boy!

I have a question. What should I do when my little sister screams uncontrollably? I've learned to live with it, but I’d like your advice anyway.

Screamed At

AnswerHey, Screamed At,

Maybe you should stop pinching her.

Your Friend and Mine,

Average Boy

Question Yo Average Boy,

Have you ever tried to memorize something, and it feels like what you're trying to memorize doesn't want to stay in your brain? Do you have any suggestions for memorization?

Rachel S.

AnswerHey, Rachel S.,

Yes. I'm very good at . . . uh . . . what were we talking about? Oh, yeah. Memorizing! First of all, you have to work out your mind just like your body. I've been exercising my brain for years, and now it's as strong as a steel . . . uh . . . something. What's that phrase again? It's strong, I'll tell you that!

Also, Julie, you really have to pay attention to details so your mind holds on to the information. Concentrate really hard on what you want to memorize and . . . ha,ha . . . this commercial with a duck just came on, and it was hilarious!

Anyway, Eddie, I hope that answers your questions. I love receiving e-mail. Even though I can't answer every message, I'm glad I could get to this one and hopefully make a difference!oring.

Your Friend and Mine,

Average Boy

Question Dear Average Boy,

Are you ever bored with having just one brother? I would be. I have three brothers, three sisters, one brother-in-law and two nephews. My brother-in-law and nephews are sort of like my brothers because they and my sister used to live with us. I like “Adventures of Average Boy.”

Your fan, 


AnswerHey Nana,

Wow! That's not a family, that's a tribe!

Sounds like a lot of fun. I don't get bored with my brother, though. He's so much fun to play with! Besides, it usually takes me about an hour to figure out how to pick the lock on his door and find all the traps he's set for me, so there's no time to be bored!

Also, when I ask my mom and dad if they are planning on having any more children, they just break out laughing really, really loudly! Thanks for reading!

Your friend and mine,

Average Boy

Copyright © Bob Smiley. Illustration © Gary Locke.