Duct Tape Backpack

by Lily from Georgia

Click on the image below to download step-by-step diagrams.

Duct Tape Backpack


3 feet of duct tape, any color
small stuffed animal


1. Cut 13 pieces of duct tape in the following lengths: 5 inches (1 piece), 4 inches (4 pieces), 3 inches (3 pieces) and 1 inch (5 pieces).
2. To make the front and back, fold two 4-inch pieces in half.
3. To make the bottom and side pieces, center three 1-inch pieces on 3-inch pieces, sticky sides together.
4. Attach front and back (step 2) to either side of bottom piece (step 3).
5. Attach sides (step 3) to front and back. Then use two 1-inch pieces to attach sides to bottom piece.
6. For the flap, fold the 5-inch piece in half, leaving 1 inch exposed. Cut the folded side into a rounded edge.
7. Attach flap (step 6) to back of backpack. Pinch closed really well to make a creased fold.
8. For straps, fold two 4-inch pieces lengthwise. Use extra tape to attach straps to sides of backpack so it fits your stuffed animal.
9. Wrap straps around your stuffed animal’s belly like a belt and secure with tape.

    This craft first appeared in the September 2017 issue of Clubhouse magazine. Used by permission. Photo © FOTF/Jenny Dillon.