Endless Pasta-bilities

by Joe Bowden

First, check out the amazing dyed-rice mosaics in the September 2015 issue of Clubhouse. Then grab a few half-full boxes of pasta to create more fun projects!

Caution: Working with dye can get messy. Before you begin, change into old clothes and put on disposable gloves. You may even want to work outside.


quart-size zip-top plastic bags
rubbing alcohol
food coloring
dry, uncooked pasta in fun shapes
old newspaper
baking sheets
spatula or fork


1. For each color, pour 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol and 10 or more drops food coloring into a plastic bag.
2. Add pasta to bag (1 cup for small shapes; 2 cups for large shapes). Seal the bag tightly, releasing as much air as possible.
3. Mix the pasta inside the bag, coating it with dye. Then lay the sealed bag flat over a baking sheet lined with newspaper.
4. Mix and flip each bag once every 30 minutes for about 3 hours. Colors become deeper the longer bags sit (except for red, which will always be slightly pink).
5. Once your pasta reaches the desired color, carefully drain the rubbing alcohol out of the bag.
6. Using a spatula or fork, spread pasta onto newspaper-covered baking sheets to dry. For smaller pasta, gently stir occasionally to prevent clumping.
7. Store dyed pasta in air-proof containment.

Endless Pasta-bilities

Now that you've dyed your pasta, you can make all kinds of fun projects!

Design a mosaic, following the instructions in the magazine.

You can make bracelets and other jewelry using hollow pasta or shapes that have holes. Cut a length of string or twine 8 inches longer than the width of your wrist. String together several colorful noodles, then tie the two ends together. Please ask a parent for help before making any jewelry for your head or neck to avoid a choking hazard.

Have fun, and use your imagination!

Copyright © 2015 Joe Bowden. Photo © Focus on the Family/Jenny Wollen.