Pillows With a Purpose

by Sarah from Ohio

For the past six summers, kids at my VBS have collected money for a children’s hospital in Haiti. This year, I wanted to do more. My friend Megan taught me how to sew, so I decided to make pillows and sell them as a fundraiser. I sold the pillows at my church and in my community. I was able to raise $1,372.83 for the hospital! —Sarah

Pillows With a Purpose


colorful fabric, at least 36 inches wide
scissors or pinking shears
sewing needle
sewing machine (optional)
0.8 pounds polyfill or other stuffing


1. On the back of your fabric, draw two 18-inch squares.
2. Cut out fabric pieces. They should be identical.
3. Turn the pieces inside-out (with the design on the inside) and pin them together.
4. Sew three sides of the pillow, leaving 1 inch of fabric on the outside of the seam. I like to use a sewing machine, but you can hand-stitch too.
5. Sew the corners of the fourth side, leaving enough room for your hand to fit inside.
6. Turn the pillow right-side-out, so the design shows.
7. With a parent’s help, gently iron the fabric.
8. Stuff the throw pillow until it is nice and full.
9. Hand-sew the last side shut.

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    Copyright © 2014 Focus on the Family. Pillow photo © Wicker Paradise/Flickr.com; used under Creative Commons license.