Prayer Wheel

by Carrie Talbott

Have you ever started praying and all of a sudden realized you're thinking about your science test, lime green shoelaces or how good last night's brownie tasted?

For many of us, once we bow our heads it's like an invitation for other thoughts to take over and lead our brains down a bunny trail of randomness.

So before you begin praying that your friend will accept Jesus and end up thinking about how much you love peanut-butter-banana smoothies, try using this weekly prayer guide.

What's great is that you can personalize it. Some of the days flow together naturally (like Thursday and thanks). But you can also move things around to better focus your mind each day.

For a printable prayer wheel, click here. You can also download a blank prayer wheel and write out your own weekly plan.

The Bible tells us to "pray constantly" (1 Thessalonians 5:17). That's not easy. But having a daily prayer plan will help you stay on track.

How to Assemble Your Prayer Wheel
1. Cut out both the wheel and the base with scissors.
2. Use a hobby knife to cut along the dotted lines on the base.
3. Write your name on the base.
4. Place the wheel on top of the base, lining up the white stars in the center. Tuck the edge of the wheel under the flap.
5. Put a brad through both white stars, so you can spin the wheel.
6. Pray every day, using the wheel as a guide.

National Day of Prayer
Every year, the first Thursday in May is set aside to pray for your country. No matter where you live, pull your family together to pray for your country's leaders and that people would follow God. Ask God to bless local churches and help godly people reach out to a world that needs Jesus.

This article first appeared in the May 2015 issue of Clubhouse magazine. Copyright © 2015 Carrie Talbott. Photo © Kelly Long/; used under Creative Commons License.