Race to Rome

by Pat Baker


2 medium tin cans (old coffee cans work well)
measuring tape
heavy string


1. Use the hammer and nail to punch two holes opposite of each other at the top of each empty can.
2. Measure from your hip to the floor. Double that length and cut two pieces of string to that measurement.
3. Slide a string through both holes in one can. Tie both ends of the strings together. Do the same thing with the other can.
4. Go outside and designate a starting line and a finish line on a flat surface.
5. Put one foot on each can and hold them to your feet by pulling up on the strings.
6. Position one player at the starting line.
7. At the count of three, start the stopwatch and have that player carefully “walk” between the starting line and finish line three times.
8. The players who make it to the final finish line without falling earn 20 points. The fastest walker earns 25 points. All other players earn 5 points.

Copyright © 2012 by Pat Baker. Used by permission. Clubhousemagazine.com. Photo © Ron Nickel.