Stuck on Books

by Jean from British Columbia


used postage stamps
thin cardboard
hole punch
clear acrylic spray
colored yarn


1. Soak old envelopes in warm water until the stamps fall off. Place the stamps facedown on a paper towel and let them dry completely.
2. Cut the cardboard into strips, 5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide.
3. Glue the stamps on both sides of the cardboard, overlapping them a little. Be sure to cover the edges of the cardboard, too. Let the glue dry.
4. Punch a hole near the top of the bookmark. With an adult's help, spray the bookmark with acrylic.
5. To make a tassel, cut eight 3-inch pieces of yarn. Fold them in half. Wind a ninth piece around the bunch near the folded end and tie a knot.
6. Cut a 6-inch piece of yarn and thread it through the hole in the bookmark and the small bunch of yarn. Tie the two ends together.

    This article first appeared in the June 1994 issue of Clubhouse magazine. Copyright © 1994 Focus on the Family. Used by permission. Photo © Simon Davies/; used under Creative Commons license.