Thankful Book

by Jamie Dangers


construction paper
spiral or bound journal
paper plate


1. Cut paper to completely hide the front cover of the journal.
2. Glue paper on front cover, pressing out all wrinkles and bubbles.
3. Let journal dry.
4. Write your name on the front the book. For example, “Josiah's Thankful Book.”
5. If you like, write a verse about thankfulness on the cover: “Give thanks no matter what happens” (1 Thessalonians 5:18).
6. Pour paint into paper plate and dip a leaf into it.
7. Press leaf onto book cover to create a leaf design and throw away leaf.
8. Do this as many times as you want with different leaves and colors. Then begin making your thankful list!

Copyright © 2008 by Jamie Dangers. Used by permission. Photo © Ron and Karen Nickel.