Drake the Cosmic Copper

Wooton has a new comic! Drake the Cosmic Copper travels the galaxy with his trusty robot, Woots, fighting crime and solving mysteries.

Check out these amazing preview pages. (Click on the images below for a closer look.)

Drake the Cosmic Copper -- Page 4   Drake the Cosmic Copper -- Cover   Drake the Cosmic Copper -- Page 10

Page 4




Page 10

If you're an Odyssey Adventure Club member, you can read the first issue (with 12 pages of explosive action!) at www.OAClub.org this April.

"He's Sort of Like a Robot Version of Me, But With an English Accent"

Whit, Connie, Jason, Penny and Wooton bring Drake's story to life in this month's OAC-exclusive episode. Here's a sneak preview:

Odyssey Adventure Club  

Drake the Cosmic Copper


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Art by Luis Ponce. Story by Chad Beninati.