A New Chapter for Rwanda

by Stephen O'Rear

Last summer, Focus on the Family Clubhouse embarked on its most important summer challenge ever. We encouraged our readers to read at least 1,000 pages of book while gathering sponsors (at a penny a page) to raise money for Youth Might, a ministry for orphans in Rwanda. Across the country, our readers invaded libraries and bookstores, picking up new series and old favorites to "Read to Raise the Roof." Together, Clubhouse kids read 2 million pages and raised nearly $90,000 for children in need

Your support couldn't have come at a better time. After we launched the challenge, we heard that Youth Might had lost permission to use the buildings where they sew school uniforms. The money you raised will help them find a new home for their workshops.

"I'm thanking and praising the Lord for what He has done," writes Youth Might director Monique Ladosz. "My heart is filled with an immense joy for being part of such a wonderful project where children were involved to help others. This is beautiful. God has answered our longings and prayers to help the very poor. I can't say enough, Thank you!"

More than 550 readers sent in donations for the "Read to Raise the Roof" challenge. Here are a few of their stories that stood out:

• Doyle T. (Kansas) read 1,009 pages in spite of his learning disability.

• Tonya R. (Pennsylvania) read while baby-sitting.

• Victoria R. (Missouri) told her church about the challenge and got 23 other kids involved.

• Evan and Isaac B. (Washington) read so many pages their sponsors suggested they switch to video games for a while.

• Rachel P. (Pennsylvania) threw a party to raise extra money for Rwanda.

• Four-year-old Jazmyn S. (Virginia) learned to read this summer.

• Talia P. (Oregon) read the Gospels.

• Collin and Griffin A. (Florida) prayed every day for the children of Rwanda.

• Cassy S. (Tennessee) only read one book this summer: Les Miserables. (It's a looooooong book.)

• Eden and Faith M. (Texas) read to their little brother, Tristan, so he could raise money, too!

• Rachel, Jason and Naomi W. (South Carolina) doubled their donations by writing book reports.

All of our readers gave generously, and a few donors really blew us away. Our thanks to:

Liz S. and the Livewires class (West Virginia)

Megan Z. (Ohio)

Izzy K. (Montana)

Zanna M. (Michigan)

Josiah S. (Iowa)

Olivia M. (Georgia)

Sarah K. (Texas)

Goff family (California)

Be watching Clubhouse magazine in June 2012 and check back to clubhousemagazine.com to see what our next summer challenge will be!

Copyright © 2011 by Focus on the Family. Used by permission. Clubhousemagazine.com. © Photo Courtesy Becky Sanford.