Team Up With the Denim Dudes

by Jeremy V. Jones

Nate's dream is for other kids to create their own Denim Dudes. "The more people the better," Nate says. "The more Denim Dudes we make, the more money we can give."

If you want to team up with the Denim Dudes to raise money for kids in need, keep reading!

Nate’s Advice to Clubhouse Readers Who Want to Get Involved:
• Inspire your art club or after-school club to make Dudes together.
• Have a Denim Dudes birthday party where friends build their own creatures.
• Ask your teacher if your class can participate in a Denim Dudes drive.
• Sell your Dudes at a craft fair, holiday bazaar or art market.
• Ask a local coffeehouse or boutique if you can sell your Dudes there.
• Make and sell five Dudes every month, and you will raise enough money to sponsor your own Compassion child (about $38 a month).
• If you donate to Compassion, include a note that says: Denim Dudes Money.

Do-It-Yourself Denim Dudes


fabric scissors
clean blue jeans
embroidery thread in a fun color
buttons (size 16 or 20)
scraps of colorful fabric
cotton or stuffing


1. Click one of the images below to download a Denim Dudes pattern.

Charky   Chester

Charky's pattern


Chester's pattern

2. Using fabric scissors, cut the pattern twice out of old blue jeans.
3. On one piece of denim, use embroidery thread to sew on button eyes, a smile and other decorations such as a heart, cape, tail or skirt. Be creative!
4. Line up the two pieces of denim. Using a needle and thread, poke a hole at the edge of the denim and thread through to the other side. Loop thread back around to front and continue to sew along perimeter of the Dude. Be sure to leave a small hole (at the top of its head) to fill with stuffing.
5. Stuff your Dude, starting with the arms and legs. Make sure stuffing is evenly distributed throughout.
6. Stitch up the hole, tie a knot in the thread and stuff the knot inside the Dude.
7. Take a photo of your Denim Dude and send it to us at

Note: Nate sells each Denim Dude for $7. Visit Compassion's website for more information on how to donate to kids in Kibera.

Copyright © 2012 by Focus on the Family. Used by permission.