How Can I Help?

In the February 2013 issue, we introduced you to Heidi and Morgan Z. Together with their mom, these girls recycle old crayons to fight child slavery and help orphans in Ghana.

God wants to use you and your talents in amazing ways. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Choose a cause. Heidi started Africrans by Amerikids after she heard stories about child slavery in Africa. Keep your eyes and ears open for people in need. Do you feel God calling you to help a specific group?
Contact a missionary or charity that’s working on a similar cause. They can teach you more about the situation and explain the challenges they’ve faced in trying to make things better.

2. Pray for inspiration. God gave each of us special talents and abilities. Heidi used her artistic talents to pay for supplies, create awareness posters and design cool new crayon styles. How could your talents make a difference?
Heidi and Morgan raise money for their cause, but there are other ways to help. You can encourage others with gifts or kind words. You can do extra chores, such as cleaning or yard work. You can volunteer your artistic talents to bring beauty into someone’s life.

3. Ask for help. Once you decide who to help and how to help them, share your idea with friends and family. It takes lots of different skills to run a successful missions project. Even if someone doesn’t share your interests, their other abilities might be extremely useful.

4. Take it to the community. Once the project gets started, find ways to get even more people involved. Heidi and Morgan hung posters in five other schools. Together, the schools collected $2,550 worth of crayons . . . and even more the next year!
It can take a while to get your ministry going. When they first started, Heidi and Morgan planned to donate recycled crayons to orphans in Ghana. They quickly learned that their “Africrans” were better suited for fundraising. If your project isn’t getting much response, you might need to tweak your goals.

5. Watch God work. You’ll never know how God wants to use you until you try!

Copyright © 2013 by Focus on the Family. Photo © 2013, courtesy of Heidi and Morgan's family.