Ending 4: Rescued

by Grace from Alberta

All Kalola could do was obey. She was scared and crying and her hands hurt. She looked up and saw a glowing figure in white. Who was this person? It definitely wasn’t a sailor and wasn’t a native. She looked down and realized she was in mid air. Finally she got the courage to say, “Who are you and why did you rescue me?”

The creature landed and said, “I am an angel, sent by God to rescue you from danger.”

Kalola thought through that a minute, stunned by the angel’s answer. “So Jehovah sent you to save me... but why?” Kalola asked with a sniffle.

“God has big plans for you, Kalola. He heard what you said about him. You can make a difference on this island.” With that the angel spread his wings and took to the heavens.

Kalola shouted up, “Tell Jesus I love Him!” After she could see him no more she brushed off her muumuu and raced back to the village. When she got there, everyone stared at her.

King Kamehameha stepped forward and said, “What was that glowing thing?”

Kalola bowed, then answered, “That was an angel of Jehovah—the one the missionaries talk about.”

Everyone gasped!

“Praise the Lord,” Sybil exclaimed. “I had hoped for a miracle so you could see the power of God!”

The king went up to Sybil and asked, “What miracle did Jehovah perform?”

“He rescued this girl from the volcano, didn’t you see?”

“Yes,” King Kamehameha replied, “because I pushed her over. Kalola, I knew you and your friend had heard about Captain Cook’s treasure. I was greedy, and I pushed you. I am sorry. Will you forgive me?”

“Yes, and I think you lost this.” Kalola handed the ivory cross-shaped dagger to her king. “But what I don’t understand is why there was a boot print in the ground?” Kalola asked.

“I traded for boots so I could go hiking to find the treasure, but no point now—the treasure is lost.”

“Yes, but we found a greater treasure worth more than gold, we have Jesus and He will last forever!” Kalola exclaimed.

“That’s right, Kalola. I will worship the one true king, not Cook’s treasure. And I hereby declare that all villagers will help build a new school and learn in it!”

Once the new school was built, all the villagers wanted to go in. Haili budged in line with Kalola.

“Kalola,” she asked, “how do you give your life to Jesus?”

“I don’t know, Haili, but I am going to find out today with the help of the missionaries.”

“I am, too,” Haili declared. That day, many villagers gave their lives to Christ because one girl believed.

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