Ending 5: Standoff

by Jed from Tennessee

The voice of a young boy continued, “I am Juan, a cabin boy on a whaling ship, guarding the path while we move the treasure.”

Kalola, noticing his small sailor boots, remembered the footprints they had seen. “I am Kalola. You found the treasure?!”

“Yes!” Juan replied. “We are loading it into boats in the harbor now. I have weapons in case of attack. I don’t want to end up like Captain Cook! See, I have a pistol and a knife... hey, where is it? My knife is gone!”

“Is this it?” Kalola asked, taking the whalebone knife from her muumuu.

“Yes!” Juan exclaimed. “What are you doing up here? All the islanders are afraid to come up here because of the explosions we are making. Until they have the treasure, the sailors want to scare people off the mountain by making them think Pele is angry.”

Kalola gasped. “I knew Pele was not real! The missionaries were right. Jehovah is God! Wait till I tell Haili!”

“Yes,” Juan replied, “the captain of our ship is a wicked, greedy man who hates Jehovah. I learned about Jehovah at a missionary school. I know Him, and He’s more precious to me than any treasure in the world!”

“I must stop them!” Kalola exclaimed. “I will tell King Kamehameha!”

“Can I help?” Juan asked.

“Put some of the treasure in your pocket, and meet me at the missionary school!” Kalola ordered.

“Run! I will meet you there!” Juan said, turning back up the mountain.

Kalola ran back to the missionary school and burst through the door as the old kahuna was shouting, “Pele is angry that you worship Jehovah! Worship Pele!”

“Quiet!” Kalola yelled, shocking everyone. King Kamehameha nodded, allowing her to speak.

“Pele is fake!” Kalola burst out. “The sailors are firing explosions on the mountain to scare you! They are stealing Cook’s treasure and moving it to their boats right now!”

“Liar!” the kahuna yelled.

Just then Juan rushed in with a handful of gold trinkets and coins. As Juan held them up for everyone to see, Kalola shouted, “The treasure!”

The kahuna stared angrily. King Kamehameha and his sailors raced to the shore to confront the sailors on their boats. Kalola watched the king thrust his spear into one of the big bags, spilling treasure.

“Hey! Don’t touch that!” a gruff looking sailor ordered, backing away when he saw the soldiers with their spears.

The king took the treasure and ordered the sailors off the island. He turned to Kalola, “Thank you. We will share this with the missionary school. Perhaps Jehovah is real after all.”

Haili ran up and hugged Kalola, crying out, “I am sorry I doubted. I will trust Jehovah, too!”

Kalola smiled happily. “I’m glad we all know the truth!”

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