Ending 6: Sybil's Courage

by Julia from Georgia

Kalola looked up, fearful, but only for a moment once she saw the face of her rescuer. Sybil bent close and whispered, “Haili told me.”

As Kalola reached for a handhold, something dropped from her pocket. Sybil caught it as it fell. Her fingers wrapped around the cross shape.

“Kalola! Where did you find this? Only the sailors carry these.” Sybil stopped. Kalola pointed to the foot of the volcano. Sybil shook her head and in hushed tones, she murmured, “If the sailors are up there... let’s just say we must hurry. They’re at risk—them and their souls.”

Using the knife, Sybil created a hole in which she placed her foot and began working on the next hole. Like this, they managed to get about halfway. Without a word, Kalola tugged on the missionary’s dress, then pointed to a faded trail. As they crawled toward it, it became obvious that it was an easier path. Explosions sounded every few moments. It felt like they had been climbing for days, but Kalola knew that it had been only a few hours. As they advanced further up, the noises became louder and harsh English words were mixed in.

They hid quietly behind a bush when they heard the captain shouting orders. Kalola was hesitant as Sybil brought her closer to the mouth of the volcano. As they looked inside, they saw sailors hanging on ropes, using pickaxes to dig into the rock. Whenever the boss pulled one of the ropes up, he would thrust a white sack into that man’s arms and send him to the boats.

Kalola used her finger in the soft dirt and wrote, I’ve got to see what’s in those bags. Surprisingly, Sybil nodded, handing her the knife.

Kalola then crept along the ground, inching her way to where the sacks were bulging. When the overseer wasn’t looking, Kalola darted over and crouched behind the bags. After poking the whalebone into the cloth, powder trickled into her hand.

“Gold!” Sybil whispered when Kalola returned.

Suddenly the earth began to shake violently. Ropes were being pulled up everywhere. Sybil dragged Kalola over to help.

One of the sailors, a superstitious native, began shouting, “Pele is angry with us for taking her gold!”

After helping the sailor out of the hole, Sybil stood on the sacks. “Pele is not real! Only Jehovah God can save us! Believe on the Lord Jesus! Save your souls!” she shouted.

The sailors ran, and Sybil and Kalola were pushed into the throng heading downward. Halfway there, Sybil fell, hurting her ankle. Kalola stopped, but Sybil urged her on.

“No, if Jehovah is real, He’ll save us!” Kalola insisted. As she spoke, lava began to pour. Moments later, Kalola looked up. Not one bit of lava had touched them.

They returned to the village with the help of some rescuers. Many sailors, including the natives, had been led by other missionaries to Christ. Kalola embraced Haili, saying, “Jehovah is my God.”

“Mine too!” Haili beamed.

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