Ending 7: A Faithful Friend

by Cathy from Oregon

“Let her go!” Haili cried angrily.

She ran at the sailor, yelling at the top of her lungs. But when she jumped on his back, biting and scratching, he flung her off. Her head hit a palm tree, and she slumped, unconscious.

Another explosion sounded, ringing in the air. The sailor turned toward the sound. Kalola seized her chance, kicking the sailor in the shin. He let go long enough for Kalola to escape. She went to her friend’s side and shook her. Haili woke up and the two ran down the mountain.

Suddenly, four men stepped into the girls’ way, making them stop. They grabbed Haili and Kalola and forced the girls to walk up the mountain. Then they tied Haili and Kalola to a palm tree.

“I wish we could hear what they’re saying,” Haili said. “Kalola, do you still have that knife?”

“Yes, I do,” Kalola said.

“Can you get it easily?” Haili asked.

Kalola cut the ropes that bound her to the tree, then she freed Haili. The girls started looking for the treasure. All of a sudden, a flash of sunlight shined on something. Haili rushed toward it, wondering what it was.

Kalola saw her friend race off and decided to follow her. She saw Haili searching in the dirt for the treasure.

Soon they found a bit of gold. They kept digging, and before they knew it, they found the treasure. It was a golden Bible.

Haili and Kalola looked up to the heavens and said at the same time, “Thank You for Your Word, Jehovah.”

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