Ending 8: The Power of Prayer

by Sarah from New Mexico

Kalola spun around to face a boy approximately her own age, but white-skinned and dressed in sailor’s clothes. He gently released her, motioning for her to be quiet. Slowly, Kalola turned around. She saw that on the slope below them two sailors stood, speaking in low voices. Kalola quickly realized that she would have crashed into them had she continued her headlong dash.

“We’ll find that treasure yet!” the taller sailor said. “It must be in the volcano.”

“Yeah, as soon as we blow up the volcano, it’ll expose Captain Cook’s treasure!” the other replied, sneering.

Kalola stifled a gasp and turned to the boy with an accusing glare, but he shook his head helplessly.

“By the time the natives find out what’s going on, we’ll be gone, treasure and all!” the taller agreed, and the two men moved away.

The boy turned to Kalola once he was sure they were out of earshot. “My name’s Daniel. I’m the cabin boy on board our ship.”

“I’m Kalola,” Kalola stammered. “They’re going to blow up the volcano!”

“Yes. They’ve already started, but they plan to bring down the whole mountain!”

Kalola’s eyes flashed. “We have to stop them.”

Daniel looked worried. “How? The only thing that would make them stop is if they found the treasure.”

“Jehovah!” Kalola exclaimed. “If You can control the wind and waves, like the missionaries say, surely You can stop these men.”

“What should we do?” Daniel asked.

“Find out where the sailors are, while I tell the villagers the truth.”

Kalola ran down even faster than she had gone up. The loose rocks on the slope were slippery but she was sure-footed. Soon she was in the village, sharing what she knew with her people. Everyone gathered around her to listen. When she was done, King Kamehameha stood angrily.

“I will go stop these interfering strangers!” All the men grabbed their weapons and followed him.

Meanwhile, the missionaries quieted the fearful women and children. Sybil’s voice rose, strong and clear. “Let us pray to Jehovah,” she said. As she bowed her head and led them in prayer, Kalola noticed Daniel come in. “And protect this land and people. Amen,” Sybil finished.

The children clustered around her, asking questions. Meanwhile, Kalola and Daniel slipped outside.

“Look,” Kalola said, pointing to the heavens. They gazed up at the sky, filled with clouds. Moments later, rain poured down, soaking them and causing them to run inside. Those in the building were laughing and shouting.

“Now those sailors won’t be able to blow up the volcano,” Haili cried.

Kalola praised Jehovah for saving their island.

The next day the sailors left. Kalola showed Daniel the knife and he admitted to watching them. The islanders cheered as the ship rowed away. The treasure was still hidden, but at least the people were safe.

“Thank You, Jehovah,” Kalola whispered.

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