Ending 9: Justice

by Nathaniel from Montana

These two powerful hands were connected to a small boy, about 12 years old. His face was covered by a heavy hood.

Right behind him was Haili, shivering. “I will not leave you,” she said, as they ran from the volcano. As the boy pulled them along, Kalola noticed she was still clutching the whalebone knife. They paused for a moment.

“Is this yours?” she asked.

The boy pulled back his hood and blond hair showed. He had a jagged scar across his left cheek. “Yes, thank you.”

They kept running. “What is your name?” Haili asked.

“Justice.” He suddenly halted, almost yanking the girls to the ground. The rocky ledge gave way in front of them. A 90-foot drop stood in front of them and hot lava behind them.

“Pele will surely kill us now!” Haili cried.

After a long moment, Justice said, “Jump. Jump!”

Kalola jumped first, but Haili seemed petrified and would not budge.

“If you can’t,” Justice said, “then I’ll help you.” He pulled her off the edge.

As they fell, time seemed to slow down. Then Haili seemed to come out of her trance. “Pele is strong, but Jehovah is more powerful.”

Both Justice and Kalola were stunned. Then Haili prayed. “Oh, great Jehovah, please save us all!”

“What do we do?” Kalola cried, as she looked at Justice.

“Hold your breath!” They plunged into the deep, murky water.


Kalola and Haili were very concerned as Sybil came to talk to them about Justice. He had curled around the two girls when they hit the water and, as a result, had been knocked unconscious by the fall. Sybil comforted them. “Justice has recovered, and he would like to see you.”

They walked into the room. Justice smiled. “Hello,” he said.

“Justice... well, we... um, well... we are at a loss for words about how you saved us,” Kalola said.

Suddenly a great cheer rose from outside. Justice staggered out with the girls to see. On a large rock near the hut, a pile of wood was stacked. Underneath the splinters was a melted lump of gold. Justice grinned, and Kalola and Haili hugged him.

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