Ending 10: Troublemaker

by Josie from Kentucky

Kalola slowly turned her head and saw that it was Ramo, the naughty islander. He let Kalola down. “What are you doing here?” Kalola asked.

“After I finished fishing for salmon, I followed you and Haili on the out-of-the-way trail,” he said.

Kalola looked at his shoes. They were sailor boots. “What about your... I mean... the sailor boots?” Kalola asked.

“I stole them,” Ramo said.

“And... the whalebone knife,” Kalola finished.

“Yes,” Ramo said. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m proving that Pele isn’t real,” Kalola said.

“Can I help?” Ramo asked.

“Ummm.” Kalola thought about how annoying Ramo was. But then she looked at her bloody hands from the hard lava and thought she probably needed some backup.

“OK,” Kalola said, “but don’t cause any trouble.”

“Of course. I never cause trouble!” Ramo joked.

After a while, their hands bled from climbing the mountain. When they were almost to the top, Kalola said, “Ramo, I can’t go much longer!”

Ramo thought, then he said, “I have a rope. I can pull you up.”

Finally, when they reached the top, Kalola was overjoyed to see that there was no Pele. “Ramo, there is no Pele!”

But he didn’t answer. “What is it, Ramo?” Kalola asked.

“Something is sparkling... it’s Captain Cook’s treasure! But I think we should leave it,” Ramo said.

“What?” Kalola said.

“When I helped you with the rope, you taught me how to look out for others instead of myself. I want somebody else to have it.”

“You’re right,” Kalola said.

They both climbed down safely, discovering that friendship is a treasure worth fighting for.

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