Members' Mag 2014--More of Our Favorites

We received more than 850 Members’ Mag entries this year. That’s enough stories, art and poems to fill six magazines! Here are some of our favorites that we couldn’t fit in the print version.

Mayhem at the Mall
Addi, 14, from Wisconsin

Mr. Whittaker Is My Hero
Joshua, 10, from Pennsylvania

What Is a Family?
Klara, 11, from Kentucky

Song of Opportunity
Brenna, 12, from Texas

The Light
Timothy, 11, from Minnesota

Eugene’s Sudoku
Kalyn, 12, from California

Twisted Maze
Mercy, 9, from South Dakota

Old Testament Crossword
Crystal, 11, from New York

Wod-Fam-Choc-Sod Cookies
Jemma, 12, from Alabama

Pillows With a Purpose
Sarah, 11, from Ohio

Silly Monkey Slideshow
Elaine, 12, from Washington

Annika from Kansas

Annika, 10, from Kansas

Anna from Pennsylvania

Anna, 12, from Pennsylvania

Stacey from Virginia

Stacey, 14, from Virginia

Angelina from Pennsylvania

Angelina, 11, from Pennsylvania

Zach from Michigan

Zach, 12, from Michigan

Faith from Minnesota

Faith, 12, from Minnesota

Claire from New Hampshire

Claire, 12, from New Hampshire

MaryEllen from Georgia

MaryEllen, 14, from Georgia

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