Members' Mag 2015--More of Our Favorites

Clubhouse readers sent in 1,200 entries this year. We could only fit a few in the magazine, but here are more amazing stories and drawings from kids like you!

The Secret School
Summer, 13, from Tennessee

Squirrel Ops
Miranda, 12, from New Jersey

Adventures of Average Boy: Bad Idea
Daniel, 12, from Texas

Jones & Parker Detective Agency: Case of the Missing Umbrella
Emma, 12, from Missouri

Candid Conversations With Connie: The Extra Mile
Emily, 13, from Missouri

The Imagination Station
Elijah, 12, from Missouri

Wild and Free
Savannah, 12, from British Columbia

Jesus Is
Dakota, 11, from Nevada

The Zookeeper
Katie, 12, from Virginia

Serena, 13, from New Jersey

Eugene’s Sudoku
Isaac, 11, from Washington

All Over the Map
Hannah, 13, from Minnesota

Sunshine Lemon Bars
Hannah, 11, from Texas

Comic by Jade from Ohio

Jade, 13, from Ohio

Kayla from Alberta

Kayla, 14, from Alberta

Amanda from Idaho

Amanda, 14, from Idaho

Charis from Texas

Charis, 12, from Texas

Emma from Ohio

Emma, 9, from Ohio

Autumn from Pennsylvania

Autumn, 11, from Pennsylvania

Joseph from Tennessee

Joseph, 13, from Tennessee

Sonja from Colorado

Sonja, 14, from Colorado

Jena from Michigan

Jena, 10, from Michigan

Oops! We mixed up the artists on page 12. Joylyn drew the King David image, while Jeremiah drew the Good Samaritan image. We're so sorry for our mistake! Thanks to everyone who contributed incredible artwork and stories to this year's Members' Mag.

Joylyn, 13, from North Carolina   Jeremiah, 16, from Washington

Joylyn's art


Jeremiah's art

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