Members' Mag 2019--More of Our Favorites

Clubhouse readers sent in more than 1,200 entries this year. We could only fit a few in the magazine, but here are more amazing stories and drawings from kids like you!

Spring of Thankfulness
Allen, 12, from Kansas

Set Sail
Isabel, 15, from Washington

Caroline, 11, from Colorado

Hailey, 16, from Idaho

Season's Breezes
Faith, 11, from North Carolina

Jones & Parker Detective Agency: The Missing Ribbon
Aoife, 13, from Washington

Eugene's Sudoku and Number Puzzle
Cameron, 10, from Pennsylvania
Luke, 12, from Virginia

Tori's Story: Noise in the Night
Ellyse, 14, from Pennsylvania

Adventures of Average Boy: Waterskiing Champ
Jessica, 11, from Alberta

Zucchini Bread
Anna, 12, from Georgia

Hannah C., 14, from Iowa

Spoon in the Road
Hannah, 14, from Iowa

Timothy K., 10, from Oregon

Where Are You?
Timothy, 10, from Oregon

Miriam S., 13, from Indiana

Miriam, 13, from Indiana

Hannah C., 11, from Kansas

Hannah, 11, from Kansas

Havah S., 14, from Pennsylvania

Havah, 14, from Pennsylvania

Riley D., 11, from Colorado

Riley, 11, from Colorado

Sarah W., 14, from California

Sarah, 14, from California

Benjamin B., 11, from Massachusetts

Benjamin, 11, from Massachusetts

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