Mike Fisher: Giving It All for Jesus

by (courtesy) HMI

As an 11-year veteran of the NHL, Mike Fisher has built a name for himself with his gritty play that often ends up in big body checks or hard-driving goals. 

He's tallied nearly 200 assists and notched about 175 goals during his time in the NHL (mainly with the Ottawa Senators and now with the Nashville Predators). He believes in getting the most out of the talent he's been given and encourages younger players to do the same.

"God has given you your talent for a reason," he says. "Don't waste it!" 

Mike's Christian faith doesn't go unnoticed. He came by it early, growing up in a Christian family committed to a lifestyle of faith. Mike credits his ongoing stability and strength as a Christian and as a player to a couple of important life habits.

"Sunday worship services and Bible studies feed my faith," Mike says. "On the road, regular prayer and Bible reading can be a challenge, but rooming with other guys who share my faith helps me stay on track."

When asked whether his faith helps or hinders his game on the ice, Mike doesn't miss a beat. There's a little lilt in his voice that says he's been challenged about this one before—the old misconception that the "faith in Jesus thing" makes a player soft.

"Personal faith in Jesus gives you focus and persistence," Mike says. "You play with the confidence that God is in control. Bring all you have to every game to make the most of your ability."

And what about those moments when it doesn't feel like God's in control? Mike remembers the time he was sidelined by a painful knee injury, just a few games before the end of the regular season. He worried that he would sit out the playoffs, or maybe even worse. As the game went on without him he began to panic until he glanced at the clock in the dressing room. It was stopped at 12:12. In his years of Bible study, one of the verses Mike had committed to memory was Romans 12:12, "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer" (NIV).

Not only has Mike been blessed on the ice, his personal life also reflects God's touch. In 2008, Mike met country music superstar Carrie Underwood at a concert in Ottawa. The couple was married on July 10, 2010, and this year Mike was traded to Nashville—which means it'll be easier for Carrie and Mike to see each other in the midst of their busy schedules.

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