Missing Gift

by Micah, 8, British Columbia

I got something really valuable for my birthday — a Nintendo DS. A few weeks later, I took it to our neighbor's house. Soon after, I discovered it was missing.

Some other times when my family had been missing video games and other toys, we found out that our friends had taken them. (They returned them later.) It was easy to think that this had happened again. My parents said we couldn't accuse someone without any proof. And my dad said that about 95 percent of the time, he found his lost stuff.

We prayed that God would show us the truth and help us find my DS. We looked all over the house, but the DS was nowhere to be found. My dad asked our neighbors if they had seen it anywhere, but they hadn't.

Then Mom and Dad decided to steam-clean the carpets, which they do just about once a year. When they moved the piano, my DS was behind it!

I learned some important lessons: to not accuse people, to pray for God's help and to be responsible with my things.

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