The Supertown Heroes

by Trinity, 10, from Virginia

Once there lived a pair of twins named Mark and Lily—the only normal kids in Supertown. Everybody on the island had a superpower except for them.

Lily and Mark often went hungry. Other people traded super-favors with the heroes who could make food appear. But Mark and Lily didn’t have anything to trade with, so they had to work hard all day to earn their supper.

“Lily, why don’t we have powers like everybody else?” Mark asked.

“I don’t know,” she answered.

Optimus Andrew had asked them to paint his fence. It was hot outside, and the twins got blue paint all over their hair and clothes. At the end of the day, as they walked home with a basket of chicken, Mark wondered, “What if you and I had superpowers and nobody else did?”

“That would be so cool,” Lily said. “We could protect people from danger, and we wouldn’t have to work all the time. But we’re just normal kids.”

Little did they know, deep in the swampy lagoons of nearby Mish-Mash Island, an evil genius had a similar thought. Tim the Terrible was hard at work on a secret plan to enslave the heroes of Supertown. He worked, he planned, he took a coffee break, he worked some more, he worked all through the night. Then finally . . . he went to bed.

Around lunchtime, he woke up and finished his invention: the Super Switcher. Once he pressed the big red button, every superhero within range would lose their powers. And the best of those powers would go to normal people like himself. At last, he would have enough power to take over Supertown!

Tim set up a video camera that would broadcast into the middle of Supertown. “Hello, anyone who can hear me. Soon you will all be my slaves!” he cheered. “When I flip this switch—which I will get to in a minute, I just want to explain it first—anyway, when I flip this switch, you will all lose your precious superpowers. All your free food and water will disappear, and I won’t give you any unless you come work for me.”

Adjustable Jeff pulled the 30-foot TV out of the sky, while Playful Patrick kicked a 100-pound kettle bell at Tim’s face on the screen. But it was no use. Tim laughed and flipped the switch on his machine. Everyone in Supertown lost their powers.

Lily and Mark had missed the big announcement; they were at home, washing dishes. Suddenly, Mark started flying and his skin turned to ice. Lily shot kitchen supplies and fruit from her hands and could hear things that were far away.

“Wow,” Mark said. “I think we have superpowers now. Lots of them!”

“Let’s go tell everybody,” Lily said.

Mark took Lily’s hand and they flew to the town square. Everyone had already started working for Tim the Terrible. They explained what had happened.

Lily used her super-hearing to locate Tim’s secret fortress. The twins found Tim watching TV.

“Well, well,” he said, spotting them through the door with his X-ray vision. “What do we have here? It looks like two more slaves for Tim-town.”

“We’re not your slaves,” Lily replied. “We’ve come to stop you.”

Tim laughed. “And how would you do that? My Super Switcher zapped away your superpowers.”

“It just so happens that before you flipped the switch, Lily and I didn’t have powers,” Mark said. “But now we do.”

Tim the Terrible panicked and ran to his escape pod, but Lily threw a sliced lemon in his eyes.

“Ouch!” he shouted.

Mark surrounded him with ice. Then Lily took a portable toaster oven and melted the ice, soaking Tim.

“OK, OK, you win,” Tim said in a shaky voice. “I’ll show you how the machine works.”

“We don’t want you to switch the machine,” Lily said. “Just don’t do bad things any more. And Mark and I will go back to make a normal town with only two superheroes.”

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