Solution to the Case of the Frozen Thermometer

by Cade, 10, from Illinois

“There’s a time and a place for everything,” I explained. “In this case, the place is a school laboratory. And the time?”

Matthew smiled. “During a blackout.”

“But Eugene said the power outage didn’t change the freezer,” Barrett said.

“It didn’t change the freezer,” I said. “It changed the clocks. When you reset a digital clock, it switches back to 12:00. You didn’t notice because you were distracted by your video game. The thermometer wasn’t in the freezer for half an hour—it was in there at least an hour and a half.”

“Which means,” Barrett said, “it was my fault. I’m so sorry, Eugene.”

“Apology accepted,” Eugene said. “It was clearly an accident, and I shouldn’t have been so angry.”

“Great job, Emily,” Matthew said.

“No sweat, sidekick,” I answered.

“Partner!” Matthew corrected.

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