A Tale of Two Blings

by Katie and Sidra, both 11, from New Hampshire

Bibbles and Bobbles, two friends from Galore.
Bibbles would travel while Bobbles would snore.
Two Blings, very different but friends all the same,
Their friendship was tight, until troubles came.

Said Bibbles to Bobbles one bright, sunny day,
“I want to see Muplo and go to cafés!
We have none in Bling, and I just want to see
If Muplo is different; how bad can it be?”

Said Bobbles to Bibbles, “Oh no, you can’t go!
Who will I have fun with, who’ll play in the snow?
Dear Bibbles, don’t leave me, don’t leave me alone.
I can’t even pick up the phone on my own!”

“Oh, Bobbles,” said Bibbles, “You know I’ll come back.
We might be apart, but our friendship won’t crack.
Though you’re snoozing in bed and I’m zooming by stars
We’ll always be close, wherever we are.”

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