Jones & Parker Detective Agency: Case of the Missing Train

by Caleb, 10, from Michigan

Everybody knows that Whit’s End is a fun place for kids. It’s also home to the country’s biggest train set. My sidekick, Matthew Parker, was excited to show me the train he had made last week.

Matthew ran his train along the track, around the model town, through the tunnel and over the hill. All that watching made me thirsty, so I suggested we go get a milkshake.

When we came back up to the train room, Matthew shouted, “My train is gone!”

I went downstairs to ask Mr. Whittaker if he could help us. Meanwhile, Matthew kept looking. When I returned, Matthew still hadn’t found his train.

“Do you think someone stole it?” Matthew said.

“That seems unlikely,” Mr. Whittaker said. “You two are the only ones who have been in the train room today.”

I thought for a minute. “Mr. Whittaker, how do model trains work?” I asked.

“These trains are all battery-powered,” he said.

I thought again, then said, “May I borrow a flashlight?”

“Sure,” Mr. Whittaker said. He fetched a light from his workshop.

I examined the train set closely using the flashlight. “Mystery solved!” I said.

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