by Sierra, 13, from Massachusetts

I stare at Him in amazement.


You chose me?
Me, the slave?
Me, the nobody?
You, the King?

His love fills me.


How can You love me?
You, who are perfect,
I, who am far from it.

Something glitters in His hands.


A crown.
For Me?

He places it on my head.


But I am worthless!

His voice reassures me.


You have been lied to.
You have believed the lies.
You are special.
You are loved.
I am calling you.
Listen, and come to Me.
I will set you free.
Free from the lies.
Free from the labels.
Free from the burden you carry around.
There will be trials.
But nothing,
Nothing beyond what you can bear.

When you are weak,


I will strengthen you.

When you succeed,


I will rejoice with you.

You are a princess.
You are My daughter,


And I love you.

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Copyright © Focus on the Family. Used by permission.