Mr. Whittaker Is My Hero

by Joshua, 10, from Pennsylvania

Joshua wrote the following essay for a third-grade class assignment, in response to the question, “Who is your hero, and why?”

My favorite hero is Mr. Whittaker. He is a key character in an exciting audio drama series called Adventures in Odyssey. Mr. Whittaker owns a popular ice cream shop and “discovery emporium” known as Whit’s End where kids go to hang out, eat, and learn. In his spare time, Mr. Whittaker invents interesting machines and devices such as the Imagination Station for kids who visit Whit’s End. I look forward to listening to Mr. Whittaker every day so I can discover how to become more like him.

There are many reasons why Mr. Whittaker is my hero. First, he is a devoted Christian who depends on God in difficult circumstances. Secondly, Mr. Whittaker relates well to everyone in Odyssey and is like a grandfather to the kids. They respect and admire him since he is loving, kind, generous, and compassionate. Another reason Mr. Whittaker is my hero is because he is extremely wise and gives others biblical and helpful advice. Finally, I look up to Mr. Whittaker for never giving up in any situation, from searching for the truth to finishing a complex invention.

I learn inspiring life lessons, especially from Mr. Whittaker, in each episode of Adventures in Odyssey. Some of the lessons include forgiving and trusting others, recognizing the truth from lies, being responsible and living out your faith. Even when I am older, I will always remember my special hero, Mr. Whittaker, for his godly character and for all of the valuable life lessons that he is teaching me during my childhood.

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