Old Testament Crossword

by Crystal, 11, from New York

Using the strange clues below, fill in the crossword with names of men and women from the Old Testament. If you get stuck, check the Bible verse at the end of the clue.

Old Testament crossword

1. Lived in a wall until it collapsed. (Hebrews 11:31)
2. A righteous man who lost everything. (James 5:11)
3. A prophet who served four kings in exile. (Matthew 24:15)
4. Invited a murderer to dinner. (17th book of the Bible)
5. Dad’s favorite who dreamed big. (Exodus 13:19)
6. Found a babysitter for pharaoh’s adopted grandson. (Micah 6:4)
7. A miracle baby who lived in the tabernacle. (Jeremiah 15:1)
8. Loved riddles, hated haircuts. (Judges 14:12)
9. Prayed for a wet blanket. (Judges 6:36)
10. Named her son “He laughs.” (Genesis 21:6)

2. Waited in the shade for God to smite a city. (Luke 11:30)
3. A top general refused to fight without her. (Judges 4:9)
4. History’s first mom. (2 Corinthians 11:3)
7. Smart guy who built the temple. (Luke 12:27)
11. Young widow who moved to Bethlehem. (Matthew 1:5)
12. Got angry at a metal cow. (Mark 7:10)
13. Asked God to start a fire. (James 5:17)
14. Traded places with a sheep. (Galatians 4:28)
15. Kind to camels. (Genesis 24:15)
16. Threw birds out the window. (Luke 17:26)

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