Candid Conversations With Connie: The Extra Mile

by Emily, 13, from Missouri

With my Bible in one hand and a peanut-butter banana milkshake in the other, I read aloud Matthew 5:41, “If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with him two.”

“Pllleeeaaase don’t tell me this means I have to exercise even more in gym class!” Barrett Jones groaned. Emily laughed.

“According to my research, Jesus advocates excessive compliance with others and taking on a serving heart,” Eugene explained, pausing in between licks of his cherry ice cream cone.

“So, what does ‘going the extra mile’ mean to you guys?” I asked the group at Whit’s End.

Wooton spoke up. “I try not to just deliver mail. I always give someone encouragement along with their mail, or I pray quietly as I pass their house. Oh, I may, um, eat a few beef jerky sticks, too.”

“How many?” Penny chimed in.

“Maybe ten or so... per mile.”

I gulped. “Wow, Wooton, that’s a lot.”

“When I get my coffee in the morning, I go the extra mile by waking Connie up,” Penny said, sipping a mocha.

“I try to help my mom out around the house with the normal stuff like chores,” Matthew said. “I pick up my clothes... clean out the fish tank.” He groaned. “I hate cleaning it out. But anyway, I also give my mom a coupon good for one mystery every week, since that’s my talent. It’s normally used for The Case of the Missing Car Keys.”

Whit gave a warm smile. “It sounds like you are really taking that verse to heart. I’m proud of all of you.”

I agreed. “All of these actions show what Jesus was trying to teach. And, Matthew, if you ever have two of those mystery coupons, I could really use one to find my keys!”

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